Metallic Details Can Transform Your Wedding

metallic details

When planning a wedding, there are many decisions, large and small. When you are creating the perfect ambiance – choosing the florals and selecting a venue – sometimes the smallest details can make all the difference.  Depending on how they are arranged and presented, the same flowers can appear sophisticated, fun or rustic – and every style benefits from the beauty of metallic  details. In fact, the reason why metallics are such a popular trend is that they add shine and shimmer to any wedding, no matter the theme or color scheme. When working with the floral designers at Peoples Flowers, be sure to inquire about the diverse ways that metallics can be incorporated into your design.
Gold tones lend a luxurious and opulent look, while silvers tend to be sleek, elegant and chic. But even within these categories, how you choose to express the metallic details can result in a wide range of aesthetic looks. For instance, gold or silver glitter on invitations,  table cards and menus is fun and  festive. Shimmering tablecloths add an overall sense of sophistication. Brushed pewter exudes a classic vintage vibe, and is often seen at very traditional weddings. Mismatched and eclectic metallic containers for your centerpieces add spontaneity and personality – birdcages, lanterns, water pitchers, old buckets, and basins can be filled to overflowing with your chosen florals. Whether planning a formal event or a country celebration, you simply cannot go wrong with gleaming metallic details.

Whatever you dream of as your perfect day,  there is a way to add the beauty of metallics. And the expert wedding planners at  Peoples Flowers are ready to help you to decide what is right for you – from the most stunning floral arrangements and bridal bouquets to the smallest details.  For decades, we have proudly partnered with wedding couples from the greater Albuquerque Metro and Rio Rancho area – and we can’t wait to work with you! Call us today, and let’s start planning something beautiful.