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Bridal Showers: Which Flowers to Use

shutterstock_150361421At People’s Flower Shops we have helped countless brides plan their bridal showers. We understand the importance that this celebration holds for brides and their friends and family and we enjoy having the opportunity to help others plan their showers.

We understand that there are a variety of different styles and formats that people might want to use in their bridal shower. Some people might want to have a bohemian style shower, particularly in the spring and summer. This type of party has been quite popular in recent years. Other brides want more of a sit-down dinner style shower or they want to have organized events with their favorite group of women.

Regardless of the style shower, we find that flowers make excellent decorations and accessories. They can be used to help create nearly any type of atmosphere desired. Here are three ways that we love using flowers for bridal showers.

Table decorations

At every bridal shower, people will likely be spending some time eating and socializing at the tables, so this is an excellent area to dress up with some flowers. Well placed flowers can help add to the conversation and the atmosphere, but be careful not to block guests’ views of each other, which can hinder socializing. Encourage guests to bring the flowers home at the end of the night so they can continue to be enjoyed even after the party ends.


Use flowers as an original way to dress up party invitations. Order some gorgeous blooms that fit well with the theme of the party and dry and press them onto the invitations. The notes will look lovely and should impress any recipient. To make the theme even more consistent, use the same flowers on the invitations as on the tables at the party. It will help everything tie together nicely.

As hair adornments

Flowers offer such unique beauty that they can be spectacular for wearing in the hair. Flowers can be used by the bridal party or by all the guests. Depending upon personal style, a few select flowers can be tucked behind the year or in a braid or several flowers can be woven together into a crown. The crown in particular fits fabulously for a bohemian style party.


Planning a bridal shower is an exciting part of the wedding planning process. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with a few close people before the actual nuptials. Make the process even more special by including flowers for the party. Use some of the above ideas and get started planning a fantastic bridal shower.