Greenery Tops Pantone 2017 Color Trend List

color trend list

The Pantone Color List for 2017 has been revealed, and it includes 10 amazing shades that mirror the beauty and brilliance of nature. Topping that list is Greenery, a verdant shade of green akin to chartreuse, The yellow-green color was picked for its expression of springtime – the rejuvenation, the renewal and the new promise – but there are nine additional colors on the color trend list that will make beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding decor. If you are planning an Albuquerque wedding in 2017,  the florals designers at Peoples Flowers should be the first call you make.
color trend listGreenery may have claimed the top spot, but another shade of green was also in consideration. Kale is a deeper green more comparable to olive, and like it’s more yellow-green counterpart, blends beautifully with most other colors on the list. Here is a quick rundown of the rest of the list.

Island Paradise -this aqua blue is reminiscent of tropical waters and will remind you of long vacation days,
Niagara -this relaxed shade of blue is as comfortable as (and is inspired by) your favorite pair of denim.
Pink Yarrow – pretty in pink takes on a new meaning, with this hot neon shade that demands to be noticed.
Hazelnut – the only neutral on the list, this is an earthy tone with hints of dusty rose.

color trend listBlue Lapis – the third blue on the list is an intensely confident, deep, and saturated tone.
Yellow Primrose – this sunny and cheerful share brings optimism and joy to any color palette
Pale Dogwood – the most romantic color on the list, this soft pink evokes classic vintage ambiance.
Flame – this red-based orange brings the heat, and is for the bride who is vivacious and fearless.
color trend listThere is no need to choose just one of the selections from the color trend list, as any of them can work together with vibrant, unique and stunning results – such as Blue Lapis and Flame for a tropical bouquet, Greenery and Pink Yarrow for a bright spring celebration, or Hazelnut and Pale Dogwood for a gorgeous traditional ceremony. Stop into Peoples Flowers, and let us show you how the most beautiful flowers, the most creative color combinations, and the most inspired designs can make your wedding the Albuquerque event of the year.