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Floral Ideas for your Proposal

floral ideas

The time has come – and you are ready to pop the question. The trend these days is for more and more extravagant proposals, but there are many who still prefer an intimate and quiet event. No matter your preferred wedding proposal style, flowers are an integral part of every moment of your romance.  The experts at Peoples Flowers have seen hundreds of Albuquerque area proposals and weddings, and are here with floral ideas to assist you as you begin your journey together.
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Floral Details for your Wedding

floral details

When it comes to wedding planning, there are many decisions to be made, and many of them involve flowers. Floral details can be added to your ceremony and venue decor in ways large and small, and these nuances go a long way to set the stage for your celebration.  Since 1944, Peoples Flowers has been assisting couples in the Albuquerque area to create gorgeous settings in which to say “I do”.
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Metallic Details Can Transform Your Wedding

metallic details

When planning a wedding, there are many decisions, large and small. When you are creating the perfect ambiance – choosing the florals and selecting a venue – sometimes the smallest details can make all the difference.  Depending on how they are arranged and presented, the same flowers can appear sophisticated, fun or rustic – and every style benefits from the beauty of metallic  details. In fact, the reason why metallics are such a popular trend is that they add shine and shimmer to any wedding, no matter the theme or color scheme. When working with the floral designers at Peoples Flowers, be sure to inquire about the diverse ways that metallics can be incorporated into your design.
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Amazing Orchid Floral Designs


Orchids are among the most popular flowers in the world. Historically and culturally, they have represented love, luxury, and beauty; as well as been used in medicines, perfumes and as currency. With an astounding 25,000 species, the diversity of the orchid is unparalleled – and when planning a wedding, the choices afforded a bride who desires orchid floral designs is vast. If you are planning an Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or Santa Fe area wedding, trust the experts at Peoples Flower Shops to help you select the most beautiful orchids for your day.

Orchids are truly amazing.  Across tens of thousands of species, blooms can be as small as a penny or weigh several hundred pounds. In fact, clusters of orchids have been found which have weighed over a ton! Yet each orchid has some common characteristics. Every flower – regardless of size – is bilaterally symmetric, which means that it can be divided into two perfectly equal parts. Orchids do not have usual roots, instead exhibiting rhizome, tuber or aerial roots. There are some differences – some orchids grow in the ground, others grow underground, and still others aerially; some orchids are also parasitic, with no ability to thrive without a host.

orchid floral designs

When it comes to wedding florals, there are only a handful of varieties generally utilized. The dendrobium is one of the smaller orchid blooms, growing in clusters of vibrantly colored flowers. These orchids can be used as boutonnieres, corsages, as accent flowers in bridal bouquets, as centerpieces when presented in bunches, and as cake decor. The cymbidium orchid is one of the most recognized in the floral world, exhibiting a solid color blossom with a bright, contrasting colored center. White cymbidiums, which most often have a magenta detail, traditionally comprise classic white cascade bouquets.

orchid floral designs

Although not pictured here, the phalaenopsis orchid is another popular choice. Its petals look like large butterfly wings, and the variety is commonly given as a potted plant. However, these graceful stems make sophisticated centerpieces and venue decor, and as a single bloom will often adorn a lapel.

There is a style and variety of orchid for every bride. When imagining the orchid floral designs for your wedding day, be sure to visit one of Peoples Flower Shops’ area locations to talk to our design experts. We will show you each type of orchid and give you the ideas and inspiration you need to create the wedding bouquets and flowers you’ve always dreamed of.

The Value of Working With A Wedding Floral Designer

wedding floral designerWhen planning for your wedding, the flowers are an all-important aspect. The florals are one of the most visible elements of the celebration, and they set the ambiance for the entire day. From the bridal bouquet to the venue arrangements, the type of flower and color palette beautifully represent the couple and their personality.

Therefore, it is so important to establish a one-on-one relationship with your wedding designer. Although it may be tempting to price shop and search for the lowest cost solution, this may work against you in the long run. For instance, you may tell two florists that you want a certain bouquet – and let’s assume they both respond to you that they can provide that bouquet for $100.00. That may sound as if their proposals are the same, however, consider these facts – some florists, like People’s Flowers, buy their flowers directly from the grower, as opposed to a wholesaler. This means that the flowers are cheaper, and therefore, a $100 bouquet likely has more flowers. And just as you cannot call a shoe store and ask “how much for a pair of shoes?” , differing florists may utilize vastly different quality of flowers, or may “bulk up” a bouquet by adding more filler stock than most. It is important to understand the exact blooms that will go into the exact bouquet you will receive.

Employing a designer to handle all of your flowers can also benefit you in other ways. Perhaps the flower you are asking for is out of season, and therefore, will be very expensive. A florist answering a bid may make a smaller bouquet than you expect, or utilize flowers that need to be shipped from a remote location. However, when working with a floral designer from People’s, we can recommend other in-season, local blooms that have the same look and feel like the flower you want, resulting in a lush and extravagant bouquet that fits your budget.

After many years and hundreds of weddings, our professional wedding consultants have a wealth of knowledge to their credit; ensuring that you will get the most lovely flowers that will meet all your expectations – while not breaking the bank. Call Peoples Flower Shops today, and relax – your wedding is going to be beautiful.

Mother of the Bride Rules

mother rolesCongratulations! Your little girl is planning her wedding day, and this bittersweet day for mom comes with a lot of expectations. Being the mother of the bride (or MOB) has changed quite a bit over the years; and while mothers did most of the wedding planning several decades ago, the bride and groom are the primary planners now. This can cause hurt feelings for a Mom who would like to see things a certain way; as well as to be as involved as possible, Here are some tips to help you to navigate this special time with ease and grace – and to reach the day of the wedding as close as you ever were.

Responsibilities of the mother of the bride:

Most importantly, be an attentive listener, an enthusiastic supporter and a constant source of compliments and encouragement.

Make sure your daughter and her fiancé understand what they can expect from you financially; and discuss what the total budget is so you can compile a reasonable guest list.

Ask your daughter to accompany her in finding her dress, as well as all of her accessories. It is the best mother-daughter shopping trip of them all. If you aren’t local, video chat!

Ask your daughter what she would like you to wear, then select your mother-of-the-bride dress as soon as possible. Contact the mother of the groom to coordinate.

Moms are great to follow up with the invitations and responses, and to get an accurate guest count. She can also be in charge of booking blocks of hotel rooms for out of town guests; and airport transportation if necessary.

Choosing the flowers for your wedding day is a fun and creative effort, and Peoples Flowers is looking forward to meeting with you – and your mom – to begin! For any Albuquerque area wedding, we are your one-stop floral source, ready to design gorgeous bouquets and classic centerpieces. Stop in today!

Some Wedding Traditions Explained

wedding traditionsIf you are planning a 2016 wedding, you are probably immersed in all the details. There are so many fine points of a wedding that we would never dream of leaving out – but have you ever wondered why? Where did these traditions originate? You may be surprised at the answers – and although we may not remember all the origins of these customs, they do remain an important part of our celebrations.

The Bridal Shower – For centuries, the bride’s father would provide a dowry to the couple upon the marriage. If he did not approve of his daughter’s choice, he would withhold this dowry. When this happened, the bride’s friends would often band together to provide a replacement dowry for the bride, “showering” her with gifts and money so that she could still be married.
The Bridal Party – While the bridal party has always been comprised of the couple’s closest friends and relatives, the original reason for it was far from sentimental. In warring and tribal cultures, it was often necessary to fight off intruders, thieves, and kidnappers – and it was the bridal party’s job to protect the bride. The “best man” was so chosen for his fighting ability;
and the groom kept his bride to his left – a stance still observed today – in order to have quick access to his sword.
Wearing a Veil – In ancient times, the bride was thought to be particularly vulnerable to evil spirits on her wedding day. The veil was meant to protect her from such attacks. In many cultures the veil was not lifted off the bride’s face until after the ceremony was complete; in some Jewish traditions, the groom will lift the veil to confirm it is indeed his bride before replacing it for the remainder of the ceremony.

Flowers are also an important part of any wedding celebration and have been for millennia. While in the past flowers were chosen for their inherent meaning – roses, snowdrops and orange blossoms considered to be the most appropriate for weddings – today we choose floral arrangements based upon favorite flowers or color palette. Regardless of how traditional your wedding is, the expert designers at People’s Flowers are the best choice in Albuquerque to bring your dream wedding to life. Call us today, and let’s begin making your memories.

Summer Wedding Flowers- Peoples Flower Shops

summer weddingEvery bride has visions and dreams about her wedding day. After all, it is one of the most anticipated events in a person’s life, and each and every detail is important. From the choice of dress to the choice of venue, there is effort and research behind every single decision. If you are looking for ideas for your summer wedding, look no further than Peoples Flower Shops. We are committed to helping inspire you with the latest and hottest trends in floral wedding design.

One of the trends that we are most excited for this season is the return of bold and bright colors; while winter and spring saw an emphasis on pastels and neutrals, summer is sure to be energized with vibrant color schemes.

Adding wildflowers is another beautiful summer trend. By definition, wildflowers are organic and natural, and so really need very little embellishment to look gorgeous. If your outdoor venue already has a stunning backdrop, adding thoughtful floral accents contributes just the right amount of summery tone to the space.

summer wedding

Since it is likely to be very hot and dry during the summer months, here are a few expert tips when choosing flowers:

  • Roses, orchids, calla lilies and wildflowers hold up better in the heat than other blooms
  • Keep bouquets in a cool place, and rest stems in water when not in use.
  • Spritz bouquets with water throughout the day to help keep them fresh looking.
  • Use succulent bouquets and centerpieces to guarantee no wilting, and compelling arrangements that are both beautiful and capable of outlasting the heat.

As your Albuquerque wedding florist, we are your best source when looking for custom wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres that are perfectly you. No matter the season, our floral designers are here to create something strikingly beautiful for your special day.

Trending for 2016 – Tall Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiecesWhen you embark on your wedding planning, the large numbers of details can tend to get a little overwhelming. There are so many choices to make, so many decisions in front of you! At Peoples Flowers, we pride ourselves on designing creative arrangements guaranteed to make your wedding ceremony and venue truly spectacular. Whatever your chose for your color scheme, venue locale and dress style – People’s will provide the perfect flowers to created your desired ambiance.

This year, we are seeing a return to romance and elegance. Tall centerpieces, which utilize elongated vases and striking flowers on elegant stalks, can add sophistication to any venue. The expert floral designers at People’s Flowers have created a beautiful selection of both traditional and contemporary tall arrangements for recent weddings – what can we create for you?

wedding centerpieces wedding centerpieces

If you have a unique vision for your wedding day, you can use flowers and other natural elements to create one-of-a-kind arrangements. This centerpiece isn’t a bouquet at all, but an elegant display utilizing purple iris suspended in a clear glass cylinder and flanked by lemons and floating candles. This non-traditional centerpiece is a great example of thinking differently to express your personality and theme.

wedding centerpieces

If you love traditional romance, but want to make a dramatic contemporary statement, these lavish bouquets of roses are perfect! This bride chose an arrangement that showcased all the classic romanticism of the rose, but paired with a modern vase and elevated far above the table in a soaring display. No one will forget a centerpiece this extravagant, guaranteed.

Creating a look that is memorable is easy when you choose a tall, elegant vase that catches the eye. Your choice of florals will determine if the aura is contemporary or classic, traditional or inspired – no matter your style, we have the experience, expertise and inspiration you’ll need. If you are planning an Albuquerque wedding, plan to call Peoples Flowers!

A Beautiful 2015 Wedding

wedding flowers2015 was a great year for Peoples Flowers, and we had the honor of being a part of many couple’s special days. Before we move forward into 2016, we would like to share one of our favorite weddings from this past year. From bouquets to ceremony flowers to centerpieces, this couple’s special day is a picture perfect example of designing a wedding day that perfectly reflects you as a couple.

wedding flowers

wedding flowers

This celebration was fun, bold and exciting all around. A vibrant red pop of color dominated the décor; against the bride’s white gown, the bridesmaid dresses were exquisitely vivid. Bouquets contained purples, blues and yellows for a full spectrum of color, and all floral arrangements contained various wildflower blooms for a fresh and ‘just-picked” look.

Morgan Kennedy edits030_

wedding flowers

The accent red was evident everywhere, from the runners on the table to the groom’s tie. This couple also included a very special family member, as their beloved dog was all dressed up and ready to party in festive style.

wedding flowers

The wedding experts at People’s Flower Shops look forward to meeting all of our new Albuquerque couples this year. How can we help you to bring your wedding dreams to life? We can’t wait to find out. Stop into our flower shop today to begin planning – we have all the floral arrangements you’ll need to make your day personal and memorable.