Trending for 2016 – Tall Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiecesWhen you embark on your wedding planning, the large numbers of details can tend to get a little overwhelming. There are so many choices to make, so many decisions in front of you! At Peoples Flowers, we pride ourselves on designing creative arrangements guaranteed to make your wedding ceremony and venue truly spectacular. Whatever your chose for your color scheme, venue locale and dress style – People’s will provide the perfect flowers to created your desired ambiance.

This year, we are seeing a return to romance and elegance. Tall centerpieces, which utilize elongated vases and striking flowers on elegant stalks, can add sophistication to any venue. The expert floral designers at People’s Flowers have created a beautiful selection of both traditional and contemporary tall arrangements for recent weddings – what can we create for you?

wedding centerpieces wedding centerpieces

If you have a unique vision for your wedding day, you can use flowers and other natural elements to create one-of-a-kind arrangements. This centerpiece isn’t a bouquet at all, but an elegant display utilizing purple iris suspended in a clear glass cylinder and flanked by lemons and floating candles. This non-traditional centerpiece is a great example of thinking differently to express your personality and theme.

wedding centerpieces

If you love traditional romance, but want to make a dramatic contemporary statement, these lavish bouquets of roses are perfect! This bride chose an arrangement that showcased all the classic romanticism of the rose, but paired with a modern vase and elevated far above the table in a soaring display. No one will forget a centerpiece this extravagant, guaranteed.

Creating a look that is memorable is easy when you choose a tall, elegant vase that catches the eye. Your choice of florals will determine if the aura is contemporary or classic, traditional or inspired – no matter your style, we have the experience, expertise and inspiration you’ll need. If you are planning an Albuquerque wedding, plan to call Peoples Flowers!