Floral Ideas for your Proposal

floral ideas

The time has come – and you are ready to pop the question. The trend these days is for more and more extravagant proposals, but there are many who still prefer an intimate and quiet event. No matter your preferred wedding proposal style, flowers are an integral part of every moment of your romance.  The experts at Peoples Flowers have seen hundreds of Albuquerque area proposals and weddings, and are here with floral ideas to assist you as you begin your journey together.
Although presenting a bouquet of flowers with a ring may seem simple, it can be a very meaningful gesture.  Consider your relationship and those things your partner loves.  Perhaps a lavish bouquet of her favorite flowers is a perfect choice, or you may wish to recreate the flowers you gave on your first Valentine’s Day together.  Traditionally, classic red roses signify true love and devotion and are never a bad option.

floral ideasWe love this idea! Bring us the ring, and we will design a floral bouquet specifically to match. For instance, a vintage bouquet of pale roses and lace is the perfect accompaniment for an antique ring, while an emerald, sapphire, or ruby ring will look amazing nestled in exotic flowers. For the iconic diamond ring? Tie a metallic ribbon around white roses embellished with glitter, and suspend the ring from it.

If you have a special venue chosen for the proposal, blanket the path with floral petals. Ask your favorite restaurant to scatter rose petals around your table – or create a rose petal pathway to an intimate picnic.  No matter how you choose to propose, including flowers adds a romantic element they will always remember.  Start off right and get professional floral ideas – schedule a free consultation with the wedding planners at Peoples Flowers.  We can help you to plan for your proposal – and be with you all the way through to the altar. If you are planning an Albuquerque wedding, call us today!