The Value of Working With A Wedding Floral Designer

wedding floral designerWhen planning for your wedding, the flowers are an all-important aspect. The florals are one of the most visible elements of the celebration, and they set the ambiance for the entire day. From the bridal bouquet to the venue arrangements, the type of flower and color palette beautifully represent the couple and their personality.

Therefore, it is so important to establish a one-on-one relationship with your wedding designer. Although it may be tempting to price shop and search for the lowest cost solution, this may work against you in the long run. For instance, you may tell two florists that you want a certain bouquet – and let’s assume they both respond to you that they can provide that bouquet for $100.00. That may sound as if their proposals are the same, however, consider these facts – some florists, like People’s Flowers, buy their flowers directly from the grower, as opposed to a wholesaler. This means that the flowers are cheaper, and therefore, a $100 bouquet likely has more flowers. And just as you cannot call a shoe store and ask “how much for a pair of shoes?” , differing florists may utilize vastly different quality of flowers, or may “bulk up” a bouquet by adding more filler stock than most. It is important to understand the exact blooms that will go into the exact bouquet you will receive.

Employing a designer to handle all of your flowers can also benefit you in other ways. Perhaps the flower you are asking for is out of season, and therefore, will be very expensive. A florist answering a bid may make a smaller bouquet than you expect, or utilize flowers that need to be shipped from a remote location. However, when working with a floral designer from People’s, we can recommend other in-season, local blooms that have the same look and feel like the flower you want, resulting in a lush and extravagant bouquet that fits your budget.

After many years and hundreds of weddings, our professional wedding consultants have a wealth of knowledge to their credit; ensuring that you will get the most lovely flowers that will meet all your expectations – while not breaking the bank. Call Peoples Flower Shops today, and relax – your wedding is going to be beautiful.