Some Wedding Traditions Explained

wedding traditionsIf you are planning a 2016 wedding, you are probably immersed in all the details. There are so many fine points of a wedding that we would never dream of leaving out – but have you ever wondered why? Where did these traditions originate? You may be surprised at the answers – and although we may not remember all the origins of these customs, they do remain an important part of our celebrations.

The Bridal Shower – For centuries, the bride’s father would provide a dowry to the couple upon the marriage. If he did not approve of his daughter’s choice, he would withhold this dowry. When this happened, the bride’s friends would often band together to provide a replacement dowry for the bride, “showering” her with gifts and money so that she could still be married.
The Bridal Party – While the bridal party has always been comprised of the couple’s closest friends and relatives, the original reason for it was far from sentimental. In warring and tribal cultures, it was often necessary to fight off intruders, thieves, and kidnappers – and it was the bridal party’s job to protect the bride. The “best man” was so chosen for his fighting ability;
and the groom kept his bride to his left – a stance still observed today – in order to have quick access to his sword.
Wearing a Veil – In ancient times, the bride was thought to be particularly vulnerable to evil spirits on her wedding day. The veil was meant to protect her from such attacks. In many cultures the veil was not lifted off the bride’s face until after the ceremony was complete; in some Jewish traditions, the groom will lift the veil to confirm it is indeed his bride before replacing it for the remainder of the ceremony.

Flowers are also an important part of any wedding celebration and have been for millennia. While in the past flowers were chosen for their inherent meaning – roses, snowdrops and orange blossoms considered to be the most appropriate for weddings – today we choose floral arrangements based upon favorite flowers or color palette. Regardless of how traditional your wedding is, the expert designers at People’s Flowers are the best choice in Albuquerque to bring your dream wedding to life. Call us today, and let’s begin making your memories.