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Amazing Orchid Floral Designs


Orchids are among the most popular flowers in the world. Historically and culturally, they have represented love, luxury, and beauty; as well as been used in medicines, perfumes and as currency. With an astounding 25,000 species, the diversity of the orchid is unparalleled – and when planning a wedding, the choices afforded a bride who desires orchid floral designs is vast. If you are planning an Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or Santa Fe area wedding, trust the experts at Peoples Flower Shops to help you select the most beautiful orchids for your day.

Orchids are truly amazing.  Across tens of thousands of species, blooms can be as small as a penny or weigh several hundred pounds. In fact, clusters of orchids have been found which have weighed over a ton! Yet each orchid has some common characteristics. Every flower Рregardless of size Рis bilaterally symmetric, which means that it can be divided into two perfectly equal parts. Orchids do not have usual roots, instead exhibiting rhizome, tuber or aerial roots. There are some differences Рsome orchids grow in the ground, others grow underground, and still others aerially; some orchids are also parasitic, with no ability to thrive without a host.

orchid floral designs

When it comes to wedding florals, there are only a handful of varieties generally utilized. The dendrobium is one of the smaller orchid blooms, growing in clusters of vibrantly colored flowers. These orchids can be used as boutonnieres, corsages, as accent flowers in bridal bouquets, as centerpieces when presented in bunches, and as cake decor. The cymbidium orchid is one of the most recognized in the floral world, exhibiting a solid color blossom with a bright, contrasting colored center. White cymbidiums, which most often have a magenta detail, traditionally comprise classic white cascade bouquets.

orchid floral designs

Although not pictured here, the phalaenopsis orchid is another popular choice. Its petals look like large butterfly wings, and the variety is commonly given as a potted plant. However, these graceful stems make sophisticated centerpieces and venue decor, and as a single bloom will often adorn a lapel.

There is a style and variety of orchid for every bride. When imagining the orchid floral designs for your wedding day, be sure to visit one of Peoples Flower Shops’ area locations to talk to our design experts. We will show you each type of orchid and give you the ideas and inspiration you need to create the wedding bouquets and flowers you’ve always dreamed of.