Flower Design Trends for Your Autumn Wedding

shutterstock_87261499Planning your wedding for autumn is one way to make your event stand out and become even more memorable for your family and guests. This year, there are some innovative wedding trends gathering momentum for autumn that can help you break from tradition in exciting and inspiring ways. Consider these fall floral ideas for your autumn wedding:

Expect the Unexpected

This year, autumn weddings will push contemporary flower designs and ideas further than ever before. Contemporary looks for bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and wedding decor elements will be the norm. Instead of the expected symmetrical designs, look for non-geometric looks that are more eye-catching than ever before.

Pairing autumn blooms like chrysanthemums, daisies, asters and sunflowers with more traditional wedding flowers like roses, lilies and hydrangea is a trend you should consider. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose seemingly unrelated flowers; you just might be pleasantly surprised by the results, and so will your guests.

Autumn WeddingConsider Artful Contrast

Autumn wedding trends this year will bring a definite play on contrasts in floral design. Flowers in fall colors like orange, rust, yellow, gold and red will be combined with bright white or elegant antique tones for reception and wedding ceremony flowers. Pink or purple could also act as the perfect contrasting color for a bold, artistic effect.

The juxtaposition of autumn colors with more traditional wedding pastels is another possible design direction. This fall, it’s no longer about “either-or.” You can have it all! Bring together autumn flowers and colors with more traditional colors and blooms for a fresh, unique look. Purple and orange look gorgeous together and vibrate in a visually compelling way, so don’t be afraid to experiment with opposite ends of the color wheel.

Add Non-Flower Autumn Design ElementsAutumn Wedding

Another beautiful counterpoint effect in autumn wedding flower design is the incorporation of non-floral elements along with lush, gorgeous blooms. Some of the favorite wedding centerpiece additions this autumn will be feathers, driftwood, artful sticks and twigs, catkins, autumn leaves, pine cones and cattails. Make your centerpieces even more dramatic this autumn by combining gorgeous flowers with any of these fall design elements. Copper and amber are also trending for fall this year; consider translucent amber candle or light holders and copper containers for your fall wedding centerpieces.

This year’s autumn wedding trends can help you to break with tradition in beautiful, memorable ways. Contact People’s Flowers for more ideas and inspiration for your fall wedding flower design.