Your Pink Wedding Options

Pink is a a traditional color used in weddings, but it is far from plain or boring. From lush peonies to classic, elegant roses – pink comes in as many floral forms as it does shades. Brides and grooms can choose elegant lilies or whimsical tulips; while also selecting from a spectrum of hues that range from the palest blush to the boldest hot pink. Deciding on a pink wedding is only the beginning of the romantic, vibrant and unique design options.



Colors are as responsible for the ambiance of the setting as any other element of your wedding. Soft pastel pinks combined with candlelight evoke a fairy tale aura; while lavender-pink or salmon shades will help to create an exotic or tropical feel. If you love the idea of pink but tend to stray from the ordinary, choose a deep pink with dark accents for a completely unique venue that celebrates your personality.


When decorating your event space, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. Serve a bright pink punch, or provide all male guests with coordinating boutonnieres. From lighting the dance floor to illuminating the tables, your colors can shine from unexpected places. And when decorating your cake, don’t forget to include the expert florists at People’s Flowers, who can provide soft rose petals or vibrant branches of blooms to transform your cake from dessert into the floral centerpiece of the event.

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For your wedding, no detail is too small. Call People’s Flower Shops of Albuquerque for beautiful inspiration in utilizing floral arrangements and accents to guarantee the wedding of your dreams. Bouquets to altar flowers, we are your one-stop wedding florist.