5 Ways to Use Greenery in Your Wedding

If you’re looking for a way to break out of the traditional mold of colorful wedding flower decor, using greenery is an innovative way to accomplish this. Use the following tips and ideas to incorporate green foliage into your ceremony decor, table settings and and even your wedding cake for a fresh, elegant look:

1. Going Green

When it comes to green wedding decor choices, subtle leaves like mint, rosemary and ferns can create eye-catching looks, especially when accented with plants that have larger, bolder leaves. Ivy and evergreen also offer impactful, artistic style for any aspect of your wedding decor.

wedding greenery

2. Backdrops, Trellises and Arches

Incorporating green foliage into the backdrop scenery of your wedding is a great way to carry this theme through your wedding. Drape artfully-created green foliage arrangements behind the altar of the church or wherever you will be taking your vows. Outdoors or indoors, a trellis or arch draped in ivy or other greenery as the focal point of your ceremony can create a romantic, unforgettable atmosphere.

wedding greenery

3. Greenery Under Glass Centerpieces

Combining green design elements with sleek contrasting pieces can bring contemporary flair to your wedding decor. Consider mixing your favorite foliage types with elegant, gleaming glass vases to create a striking centerpiece for your reception tables or anywhere you want to set a mood.

4. Candles and Green Foliage

Mixing green leaves and fronds with candles is another beautiful way to accent the altar, reception hall or even your cards and gifts table. Use large pillar candles surrounded by hurricane glass and festoon the bases with a mixture of green leaves, plants, evergreen and delicate mosses. Go for texture and visual interest when creating your candle greenery surrounds to help carry your green foliage theme throughout your wedding decor.

5. Wedding Cake Accents

Are you serving a traditional white frosted wedding cake for dessert? Consider accenting it with mint or olive leaves for an artful and dramatic effect. Draping a simple loop of vines around each cake tier can create a Grecian/Mediterranean effect.

If you’re looking for an innovative twist on traditional wedding floral decor and arrangements, consider using green foliage. Greenery without blooms and petals may seem unconventional at first, but that’s what makes it so exciting. Green foliage can help give your wedding ceremony and reception venues a lush but understated look. Contact Peoples’ Flowers for more wedding inspiration and ideas.