Decorating For a Vintage Themed Wedding

vintage weddingVintage wedding themes can take your special day to stylish places from days gone by. Whether you go all-vintage or opt for a blend of antique and contemporary elements, an antique style wedding is sure to take their breath away and create a truly memorable atmosphere for everyone who attends. Here are some décor, accent and flower ideas to help carry your theme through from the invitations to the ceremony to the reception:

Invitation Art

Create a vintage theme that begins the moment your guests receive their invitations by designing an old fashioned print or letterpress look on heavy rag paper. A bow or artfully tied twine on the invitation can be the perfect vintage accent. You might also consider using an old fashioned script or font to help create an antique look to help set the tone for your throwback wedding. A printed flower border that will mirror the flowers at your ceremony and reception can be another artistic touch for your wedding invitation design.

Vintage Centerpiece Accents

Containers from bygone eras can bring a vintage flair to your reception tables. Try antique glass vases, pewter mugs, silver containers, copper pots or vintage tea kettles as creative vessels for holding your flowers. An antique watering can or birdhouse can also be a delightful touch. Old fashioned oil lamps or lanterns instead of candles can also make for lovely throwback accents throughout your reception venue.

The Bride’s Style

The possibilities for vintage style for the bride are nearly endless. Consider a subtle, nuanced look with delicate layers of lace, or try a bolder, edgier pinup girl look with a fitted dress style and 1940s inspired hairstyle. Bring a vintage feel to your bridal bouquet by mixing traditional roses with other ornate flowers suitable for a “hanging” effect, such as orchids or lilies.

The Finishing Touches

When it comes to vintage style and accents, a little can go a long way. Less is more, and an understated effect can strike the perfect note and create the ideal throwback atmopshere. Antique crates overflowing with flowers near the gift table, vintage tea or baking canisters as candle holders, and antique table wear can all add to the effect.

A vintage wedding can take your style and décor back in time to borrow from some of the most elegant eras in history. Consider these vintage wedding style and décor ideas, and contact Peoples Flowers for all your floral needs.