Using Chrysanthemums in your Autumn Wedding

chrysanthemumFor many people, New Mexico is synonymous with adobe architecture, warm, earthy colors, terra-cotta pottery, and spectacular views of the landscape. All of those images fit perfectly with everything people imagine when they think of autumn, what it is, what it means, and the symbols of harvest time. If you’re planning a fall wedding in Albuquerque, you can count on the team of experts at People’s Flowers to work with you to create floral décor that reflects your personalities and captures the theme of your wedding.


There is no flower that captures the essence of fall through color than the chrysanthemum. We think it’s the ideal flower to use in fall wedding décor. It works well in rustic floral designs, in more rustic-chic designs, in western-themed weddings, and in wedding themes or venues that simply want to embrace nature in all her glory.


In a bridal bouquet, miniature green mums look beautiful when paired with roses, lilies, sunflowers. hypericum berries, and cattails. This look creates an astonishing fall inspired bouquet.


Autumn-Inspired Rustic Centerpieces

If you’re looking for ideas as to how to create centerpieces that fit the rustic theme of your wedding, we like the idea of embracing the warmth of the harvest as we do with our Autumn Centerpiece. We do it by focusing on earthy colors that we find in cattails, dried berries, eucalyptus leaves, and yellow bronze, burgundy, and red mum. We like to combine them with sunflowers, safflowers, accents of solidaster, yarrow or other seasonal elements. We anchor two dark orange taper candles in the center.


If you are having a small wedding or using small tables in the cocktail area of your venue, our Fall Mix Cube. We love the combination of sunflowers, lilies, and Gerbera daisies, but we’d add the warmth of rust and bronze colored mums to create more contrast in this elegant design. The hypericum berries and tiny pumpkins are fun accents that add interest to this quintessential fall display.


Nothing captures the earthiness of fall like our Maple Leaf Bouquet. This bouquet is all about color and foliage. The dark red roses add a formal element to this subdued arrangement. Mums would work well here, and this would work equally well as a bridesmaids bouquet as it would as a centerpiece. The beige-colored maple leaf that lines the cube solidifies the seasonal feeling that defines the piece.


Autumn Garden is another arrangement that would work well as a bouquet. As the name suggests, the design is supposed to create the illusion that the flowers were just picked from someone’s garden. We love the combination of sunflowers and lilies, but we’d like to take it over the top by adding the warmth of fall mums. Cattails add to the natural feeling of the arrangement, and the raffia bow captures the rustic vibe.