Winter Wedding Trends and Ideas

winter weddingWinter weddings and themes have gained popularity in recent years, along with the expected style and décor choices. While pinecones and simulated snowflakes can help to create a winter atmosphere, they are not the only way to approach your décor. Consider using these winter wedding ideas and stay on the leading edge of current trends:

Flower Choices

While roses and lilies are always a great flower choice for weddings in any season, many couples are thinking outside of the box and opting for unexpected choices. Fuller blooms and flower looks are trending right now, such as hydrangeas as a focal point instead of an accent flower, or ranunculuses for a softer, more serene look.

winter wedding
If the ornate, full look just isn’t for you, you can take it in a far more minimalist direction by working the exotic orchid into your decor. Phalaenopsis orchids can help to create a particularly elegant atmosphere.

Winter Wedding Colors

While white, red and green reflect the holiday season, take care not to let it become garish. If you love the Christmas season and want to play up this aspect of winter, this route is certainly an option for you. However, metallic color choices like silver, gold and bronze are trending this year for winter weddings. So are soft pastels of all your favorite hues.

Less is more, and you can still use white as an accent color with any of these options. Bouquets with metallic ribbon accents can create a truly elegant effect.

winter wedding
Ice it Up

The use of ice in the form of an ice sculpture at a wedding is nothing new, but have you ever considered using it in your centerpiece décor? An ice sculpture at every table is another winter wedding trend to consider, and you can surround the base with your favorite elegant flower blooms to continue the artful theme at the reception. Accenting the table with tea light candles can also enhance the elegance.

Invitation Art

Being showcasing your décor with special attention to the wedding invitations, playing up the best of the winter season. White with off-white and metallic accents can create a serene, stylish and classy look that is sure to impress. Embellish your invitation design with wintry touches like frosted vellum paper or thin Plexiglas etched with winter imagery. (Extra postage will apply.)

Winter weddings are more popular then ever, but there’s no need to blend in the with the crowd. Consider these trending winter wedding décor ideas, and contact People’s Florist to place your flower order.